Flower, Botanical and Nature Photography by Mike Reid

I am from Seattle and love living here, having been most everywhere else. I am primarily a Canon floral and landscape photographer. Thin depth of field is my poetry. I mostly shoot Canon 5D2 and various Zeiss primes handheld with extension tubes and very little post processing. ~ Mike

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Japanese Garden

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Flower Photography

Flower Photography by Mike Reid - Like I said on my main page, thin depth of field photography is my poetry. And flowers with their romantic softness and colors are my main subject. I use selective focus to re-create that mood with my Zeiss and Minolta fast prime lenses. The year is one revelation after another as various months bring new blooms and opportunities in the garden. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

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Rose Photography

Rose Photography by Mike Reid - Many of my rose shots are from the Woodland Park Zoo Rose Garden in Seattle. Around June or so it comes alive with so many rose types. I have tried to capture the romance and mood of various blooms here using my fast prime lenses. I hope you enjoy these.

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Iris Photography

Iris Photography by Mike Reid - Irises are one of the first flowers to come back around after winter. They are both challenging and fascinating to capture with thin depth of field. I have a patch of Japanese Irises out front that I love to photograph.

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Crocus Photography

Crocus Photography by Mike Reid - Crocus blooms are like little fountains of light. Mine are usually purple. Another early bloomer, these herald spring to me. These especiallly look like paintings when printed on canvas.

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Dahlia Photography

Dahlia Photography by Mike Reid - Dahlias, with their radiant explosions of color, are very special to me. I frequent several local dahlia gardens where these shots were taken. They show up in August and I enjoy them for as long as they are around, until next year.

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Victoria British Columbia

Victoria British Columbia Photography by Mike Reid - These shots are from a recent visit to Victoria.

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Cannon Beach

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Enchantments Alpine Lakes

Officially the 8th toughest day hike in the country, the Enchantments Lakes Basin pays off with incredible beauty. Fall is especially nice as the larches that dot the area turn to a golden yellow.

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Snow Lake

One of my favorite Alpine Lakes destinations in Washington. Almost an hour from Seattle and always a great hike and beautiful scenery.

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Waterfalls, Creeks and Flowing Water Photography

Waterfalls, Creeks and Flowing Water Photography by Mike Reid - Capturing the energy and drama of creeks and waterfalls is a passion of mine. Fortunately, living in the Northwest allows ample opportunities. I use slow shutter speeds, tripods, great lenses to capture these forest scenes.

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Kauai and Oahu

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San Francisco

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Car Photography

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Cat Portraits

Kitties Photography by Mike Reid - Kitties in this case being my own adopted stray Kitty Girl. I fed her a can of food in the bushes for three months until she would let me touch her. And then only barely. When it started to snow, I grabbed her and brought her inside. She hasn't left. Shocking I know. she's laying here purring in one of her many beds as I write this.

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Dog Portraits

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Seattle Area Real Estate Photography

As a former Real Estate Agent, I have an eye towards presenting listings in their best light, as well as valuing the agent's time and resources. I shoot with Canon gear and Zeiss wide angle lenses for sharp, vibrant photos. My post processing involves Lightroom Enfuse for a natural HDR look that brings the property to life. Please Contact Me for Rates and Availability

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